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FEDERAL INFANTRY GUIDELINES - The Federals will portray the 10th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. A big thank you to Andy Ackeret for all of your help researching the Federal Guidelines and the 10th Wisconsin. Click Here For Confederate Guidelines.
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10TH WISCONSIN INFANTRY was organized at Camp Holton in Milwaukee, and mustered into service for three years on October 1, 1861. It first traveled to Kentucky during November and early December.

During the war the 10th Wisconsin Infantry moved through Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. It participated in the battles of Perryville, the Atlanta Campaign, Chickamauga, the siege of Chattanooga, and the battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

It was mustered out on October 25, 1864, at which time re-enlisting veterans and new recruits were transferred to the 21st Wisconsin Infantry. The regiment lost 244 men during service. Five officers and 91 enlisted men were killed. One officer and 147 enlisted men died from disease.

GENERAL NOTE: All Gear Should be of Period Pattern, Material and Construction.


1) Hardee Hat
2) Forage Cap
3) Private Purchase “Slouch” Hats

Note: Based on presumed 1863 pictures of the 1st and 21st, caps were issued there as well.  The 21st also had dress hats in their first issue in 1862, and a mix of both in the Lookout pictures taken over the winter.


1) Federal Issue Fatigue Blouse
2) Dress Coat
3) Commercial Sack Coat


1) Enlisted “Sky Blue”


1) Issue, Either Domet Issue Shirt
2) Contract Variant  Issue Shirt
3) Civilian Shirt


1) Federal Issue
2) Christian Commission
3) Civilian


1) Woolen Issue or Civilian


1) Federal Issue Shoes or Boots
2) Civilian Shoes or Boots (As a last resort)


1) .69 Caliber 1842 Springfield (Rifled Preferred, Smoothbore Accepted)
2) .69 Caliber French Musket
3) .58 Caliber 1853 British Enfield
4) .58 Caliber 1861 Springfield

Note: The 10th Wisconsin was issued .69 caliber rifled muskets prior to Chickamauga. This is what we hope to portray as much as possible.


1) Model 1861 Cartridge Box with plates
2) “US” “puppy paw” buckle belt with leather loop (loop can be cut off)
3) Model 1859 “2 rivet” scabbard
4) Model 1851 Cap pouch


1) US Model 1851, Painted Issue.


1) Model 1858 “Smooth Side” Canteen. Color of cover can vary, as long as the covering is made of proper, documented material.


1) Early War Double Bag
2) Late War Double Bag
3) Horse Collar Blanket Roll
4) Blanket Sling


1) U.S. Issue Brown or Grey.
2) Tan “Emergency Issue”


1) U.S. Issue, Vulcanized Rubber or Painted

Note: Diary entry from April 1863, says the man had drawn a "painted blanket."


1) Pattern appropriate to May 1863 or earlier.

Note: Found a note in a diary that they were issued to the 10th in March 1863.

GENERAL NOTES: By 1863, standard Federal issue infantry is the way to go. When the 10th was formed in 1861, they certainly had some unique Wisconsin state issue items. By 1863, those would have been worn out and replaced with Federal issue. Anything at this time, seems to follow this rule, although you will see variety in the ranks as far as a mix of hats/caps and types of coats, as mentioned above.


Any personal items must be original or accurate reproductions of period items.  “Old timey” jugs, Mason jars, or other items are prohibited.  With this event being immersive in nature, cell phones, modern tobacco, lighters, or any other anachronistic items are wholly unacceptable.

We are placing high expectations for personal appearance and behavior upon the participants of the 10th Wisconsin at Roscrans’ Pursuit. Modern haircuts, ponytails, modern underwear, modern socks, modern glasses, and inauthentic or inappropriate kit, etc., are unacceptable. As rations will be issued, all participants are expected to arrive with an empty haversack and not bring any food of their own into the event.
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