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SEPTEMBER 10-12, 2021 - CHICKAMAUGA, GEORGIA - Three major organizations in the authentic hobby are hosting a very special event. 40 Rounds, in conjunction with The Liberty Rifles and The Independent Rifles present Rosecrans' Pursuit, a unique, large-scale immersive event for the Authentic Civil War Living Historians, on and near the original ground, nearly to the day on which it occurred.
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August 2, 2021
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MARK YOUR CALENDAR - This will be a national-level, opposing force event, hosted by the groups who have produced events such as the Bentonville 150th, Picket Post, Wauhatchie, Prelude to Invasion, Warlike Along the Rapidan, Silent Machines, Defending the Heartland, The Assault on Fort Blakeley and Missionary Ridge. Mark your calendar for September 10-12, 2021. Rosecrans' Pursuit will be the grand finale for 2021.

WHEN YOU VISIT - There is a lot to see in the Chattanooga area during your trip. We encourage you to visit all of the great local Civil War Sites, including Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga, Orchard Knob, Chattanooga National Cemetery and Brown's Ferry.
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